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Hello, I have tried the beta release and the stable release of this app, both x86/x64 and i have the same problem:

Win7 server (whistler) talking to Win7 Bootcamp client (snoqualmie) transmits mouse fine, but doesn't transmit keyboard at all. Has anyone else had this issue?

Debug 2 shows the following info:

hook: 0x00000043 0x002e0001
hook: 0x06016343 0x002e0001
hook: 0x07006343 0x002e0001
handling pre-dispatch primary
event: Key char=99, vk=0x43, nagr=0, lParam=0x002e0001
new mask: 0x2000
new mask: 0x2000
onKeyDown id=99 mask=0x2000 button=0x002e
hook: 0x00000043 0x802e0001
hook: 0x06016343 0x802e0001
hook: 0x07006343 0x802e0001
handling pre-dispatch primary
event: Key char=99, vk=0x43, nagr=0, lParam=0x802e0001
new mask: 0x2000
new mask: 0x2000
onKeyUp id=99 mask=0x2000 button=0x002e
wrote 4 bytes
msg from "snoqualmie": CALV
msg from "snoqualmie": CNOP
no-op from

asked 28 Sep '11, 13:15

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edited 28 Sep '11, 13:16

having the same issue, mouse works, but no keyboard. different setup, serving on the Mac/windows client

here is host log - "hello" should have been typed on remote client

writef(CALV) wrote 4 bytes msg from "USR09040": CALV msg from "USR09040": CNOP no-op from checking clipboard flags: 0 hellochecking clipboard flags: 0 checking clipboard flags: 0 writef(CALV) wrote 4 bytes msg from "USR09040": CALV msg from "USR09040": CNOP

running 1.5.0 r1095 on both. Mac 10.6.8 PC Win7 64 SP1

(28 Sep '11, 18:54) Don


I think I have a similar issue ... but in my case, server is on MacOS, client is Windows 7. Mouse is transfered across to windows client screen, but keyboard is not ...

I couldn't work out what I need to do to get keyboard input (from mac keyboard) to be transmitted to windows 7 client ...

  • chris
(21 Oct '11, 13:16) crj


Please do not post "I have a similar problem, but different" questions as answers to other questions. Post as a new question. This question has already been answered.

(24 Oct '11, 10:04) willichan ♦

I have the same set up Win 7 as a server and Win 7 on MacBookPro.

To fix,

on windows 7.. - control panel - clock, language, and region - change keyboards or other input methods - change keyboards... - add - add the "US" layout - done


answered 30 Sep '11, 20:28

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thank you! After adding the US layout to the client Bootcamp Win7 machine and leaving the "Apple" keyboard installed ( couldn't remove it), I was able to type on my apple client from the host keyboard! Thanks!!!

(05 Oct '11, 11:47) nathan

I also have a Mac server and PC Client but adding US layout does not help. Mouse works but keyboard does not. Using PC as Server and Mac as client doesn't work at all. Sad times.

(24 Jan '12, 22:23) Daniel

Worked for me, thanks!

(06 May '12, 14:34) Eric Hein

Worked great! Thank you!

(24 Aug '12, 14:01) avatara359

I was going crazy until I found this. Thank you!

(21 Sep '12, 12:25) bjennings76

Thank you! Just perfect!

(12 Oct '12, 15:12) steckdev
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answered 24 Dec '12, 14:13

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i can't make synergy work from ubuntu server and windows 7 client. i've followed instructions on the user manual but i have errors.


answered 11 May '13, 21:03

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i tried without encryption, with port 24800 and port 80 both computers are on the same network. i don't understand...


answered 11 May '13, 21:21

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edited 11 May '13, 21:21

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