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In some cases, we have considered having a pair of programmers share two computers side-by-side. One challenge with this is that it could require up to 4 keyboards and mice to let each member of the pair use either computer.

Can Synergy software allow us to do this with just two keyboards and mice? It promises to let one keyboard and mouse be shared by more than one computer using software alone (control goes over the network). If it can work bi-directionally (with two "servers") then it could solve our problem and let a pair share use of any number of computers simultaneously.

We use Macs.

asked 26 May '11, 06:48

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We currently use Synergy for this purpose. We use one PC as the main development PC and make that one the client. The client can be controlled by both the server and the client mouse/keyboard. The server can only be controlled by the server. We use the server PC for looking up stuff, so it is not essential to have both devs control that PC.

(19 Sep '13, 03:19) Matthijs Wes...

Sounds like an awesome idea. Though, Synergy version 1 is designed so that only 1 keyboard can be active at once (changing the server requires some reconfiguration -- so it's not seamless).

Version 2 introduces a "hot master" (I'm inventing terminology here) -- where the computer with control can be quickly switched at the user's whim (e.g. through a tray icon).

Does it sound like this new feature would solve your problem?


answered 26 May '11, 08:18

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