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I'll start off by saying I am not a seasoned Linux user so I am partially command prompt dumb.

I am trying to set up synergy between a Windows 7 computer and a Ubuntu 11.04 computer. I've gotten synergy installed on both computers and have tried multiple versions. Originally I tried 1.4.2 in Windows and 0.9.1 of quicksynergy from the Ubuntu Software center. Both versions installed fine and I set up according to the many setup sites found online. However, there was never a connection.

Next I tried to install the newest version of synergy on the Ubuntu machine. However it would not install. After opening the .deb file and clicking install in the software manager a prompt appeared saying the package was of bad quality. I clicked ignore and install and then got an error:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/aptdaemon/", line 961, in simulate
    trans.unauthenticated = self._simulate_helper(trans)
  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/aptdaemon/", line 510, in _set_space
    self._space = dbus.Int32(size)
OverflowError: Python int too large to convert to C long

With that I installed the older 1.3.6 version in Ubuntu and the install completed. I also then installed the 1.3.6 version on the Windows machine, after uninstalling the newer version. Now I have issues on the Windows version. When I try to run the Windows machine as server I get errors or it completely crashes.

FATAL: cannot open primary screen: unable to open screen

I can run the windows computer at the client but it still will not connect to the Ubuntu server.

Truthly, I have no idea what to do to make this work. I've tried adding 24800 port as an exception in my firewall with no change. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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I figured out some things. First I got Synergy 1.4.2 installed in Ubuntu using the synaptic package manager. I also installed Quicksynergy in Ubuntu. I've also reinstalled the 1.4.2 version on the Win7 machine.

I've found a weird thing happening while trying to run the server side in windows. In the log output I keep getting "client with name already connected." However the client is named differently than the server so I wasn't sure why this was happening. Well I then realized that there were two synergy icons in the Windows task bar. One is the normal ring icon and the other is a ring with a bolt over it. Is it possible that two instances of the program are opening when I start the server?

Hopefully this can give someone further info to assist me in figuring this out.

(16 May '11, 03:57) stabadie

I was not aware that 1.4 was available via the Ubuntu repositories, so are you sure you're not using 1.3?

If you download the 1.4 .deb from our website, then you will definitely have the official Synergy Linux GUI instead of QuickSynergy (which is not officially supported by us).

Finally, if you're seeing a "client already connected" error -- perhaps you're accidentally running 2 instances of the client.

(16 May '11, 09:00) nbolton ♦♦

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Looks like you're asking a few different questions -- ideally you should ask each question separately. So I shall answer what looks like your main question, and let you post others in your own time.

So, to install Synergy 1.4 on Ubuntu, here's what you need to do:

  1. Using the Ubuntu Software Center and/or Synaptic, remove any instances of Synergy and QuickSynergy.
  2. Download the 1.4 version from the download page (under the "Ubuntu and Debian" section).
  3. Run the downloaded .deb file (make sure you run the right one).
  4. When the install completes, go to the Ubuntu Applications menu (top left), and select "Synergy" from the Accessories menu (this is the official Linux GUI).

answered 16 May '11, 09:10

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