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In my room I have all my computers connected to a wifi network, they are all also linked via a gigabit switch to one another. The LAN does not carry internet.

Right now synergy defaults to using the wifi, which is unfortunate because our bandwidth is limited and when other members of the household are using it, synergy is crippled and slow.

I would love to force synergy to use the fast LAN connection by default instead, not conflicting with the wifi traffic.

Is this possible?

asked 06 May '11, 19:07

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The best way to do this is to use an address that will resolve over the wired network. Typically you would use the IP Address of the wired interface. If you're using hostnames it would probably be a little bit harder.


answered 06 May '11, 20:12

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That would be the 'Interface:' option under the advanced option section?

How would I find the IP address of my switch?

By hostnames you mean referring to computers by name in the configuration rather than by IP address?

(06 May '11, 21:41) Quill

The only thing you need to change is on the client side. You should change the ip each client connects to to the ip of the wired connection of the server.

So on the server assuming you're using windows you need to go start->run->cmd and then in that command prompt windows (black window) run ipconfig and look for the entry that says something like "Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection" and look for the "IP Address" field in there.

(06 May '11, 22:04) bostonvaulter ♦

Wonderful! Thank you for your help! Thank you for the swift help!

(06 May '11, 22:27) Quill

You're welcome, can you click the checkbox to the left of my answer to mark this question as solved? Thanks!

(06 May '11, 22:41) bostonvaulter ♦
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