Urgent Appeal from Nick Bolton,
Project Leader of Synergy

We urgently need your help to fund the continued development of Synergy.

Since our last sponsor cut our funding, we've been relying on donations from our amazing users to fund development. There are now three of us (Jerry, Wes and myself) working on Synergy full time. Most users donate $10, which is an enormous help to our cause.

We like to say thanks to users who support our project, so we created Synergy Premium. Donating gives you help desk access, access to the latest features, and voting on bug fixes and features.

Please choose the option on the left and donate $10 or whatever you can afford.

Nick Bolton
Project Leader
The Synergy Project

Email: nick@synergy-foss.org
Phone: +1 (650) 265-2044
Follow: LinkedIn, Twitter

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Seriously though, we really hope that some day you'll decide to support our open source project.


Synergy Premium

Thanks for your interest in Synergy Premium, we really appreciate your support. Funding allows us to spend more time improving Synergy. Support the Synergy project by registering a Synergy Premium account today.

If you can only contribute $1, that's totally fine by us! Anything at all will allow us to spend more time working on Synergy.

If you decide to contribute $10, then you get a premium vote. For each additional $10, you get another vote. You can cast this vote on any bug or feature. We will try our best to fix the highest voted feature in the next version. If we can't fix it then you get your votes back, simple.

It's people like you that make Synergy a better piece of software! :-)