Synergy 1.4.12 released

Synergy 1.4.12 has now been released. Download it now from the Synergy website.

Fixed bugs:

Bug #3565 – Encryption fails when typing fast (Invalid message from client)
Bug #3606 – GUI is elevated after setup
Bug #3572 – Mac caps lock causes disconnect

49 thoughts on “Synergy 1.4.12 released

  1. Thomas

    Anyone else experiencing issues with this latest version breaking internet Explorer?
    it’s slow and new tabs doesn’t work.. any workaround?

    1. Thomas

      Apparantly it’s only when the service is running, in desktop mode it doesn’t break it..
      I’m running 64 bit os and browser.

    2. Les

      I, too, have the same IE10 (desktop mode) issues…new tab doesn’t work (doesn’t create a new one). Also, I found that I am unable to browse to internal web sites here at my office. External sites work fine. When I turn off the service (via Windows service manager), everything works fine (new tabs, internal sites, etc.)

      I’m using v1.4.11, so this is not a something introduced with the latest version. I’m new to Synergy and build 11 is the first version I used, so I don’t know how long this anomaly has been around.

      Also, I am unable to copy/paste text (server to the client) from apps like Visual Studio, Word, etc. However, I am able to copy/paste from plain text apps like notepad (most of the time).

      I’m using Windows 8 Pro for my Synergy Server and Windows 7 Pro for my Synergy client (no encryption).

  2. Nate

    Some of us have employers that create websites using ActiveX and that won’t let you access them if you aren’t using the latest version of IE. And yes, I tried the IE Tab add-on. It didn’t work.

  3. David

    This new version makes the mouse pointer disappear on all the macs except the ‘host’ computer, when it comes online. This means you have to alt-tab to another program on the client computer before you can see the mouse pointer again. Instead of fixing the mouse pointer issue, it made it worse…

    Also, on macs the “command” and “option” keys are too sticky when using them over the network. I will often run into problems with simply mousing and selecting because the client system thinks that one of these keys is still pressed, when it is most definitely NOT being pressed on the controlling computer.

  4. jorlei

    I have a problem, the error message when I use MAC as server, synergy terminated unexpectedly with an: exit code of 1 this how to solve? thanks

    1. James Ley

      Running OS 10.8.x
      1) Go to System Preferences>Accessibility>Enable access for assistive devices (check it)
      2) Make sure the screen name is correct when configuring the server.

  5. Michael Park

    My condolences to those of you forced to work with IE. Must be really frustrating being forced to use software that you really don’t like.

  6. Paul Orr

    I downloaded 1.4.12 for WindowsXP (32bit) and CentOS 6.2 (64bit) and couldn’t get them to cooperate. The windows side kept complaining about “could not get token…”. I backtracked to the next previous stable version on the CentOS side but couldn’t install it as it was looking for a libstdc++ version that my version of OS doesn’t support. Went back further to 1.3.7, I believe, and now they are both working.

    Just me?

  7. mcnahum

    Also found a strange bug with Outlook 2013 .. I can select a text with the mouse
    if I stop Synergy it’s work perfectly …
    I should probably downgrade to a previous version.

  8. chris

    I have 1.4.12 (windows machine as client and mac as host). Problem is that IP address keeps changing every few minutes. Very frustrating. Does anyone have an idea for a solution? Thanks.

  9. Reiner


    I now get often problems with windows – server / Debian Lenny client in Service mode configured as written in howto:
    – keyboard meshup.. .often big letters instead of small ones,
    even with switch it to lower I cant access numbers and special chars on keyboard
    – for every different xterm on linux side i must redo this
    – mouse selects windows for copy/paste

  10. binxalot

    Hi, was having a problem with two XP(32) machines running synergy (client/server) 1.4.12 being unable to connect to each other before the login screen appears even though I had the setup installed correctly, I figured out the problem its with a registry entry and how its written by synergy

    C:/Program Files/Synergy/synergys.exe -f –no-tray –debug NOTE etc..

    the command line is setup with forward slashes instead of back slashes. I had to manually replace the forward slashes to backslashes to get the machine to load synergy before the login prompt.

  11. Dallas

    I was really excited when I found this software, but I just cant get it to work.

    firstly, when the server is installed, it will only run the first time it is installed.
    If the connection fails to the other PCs and I close and restart the software, it won’t start the server again, until I reinstall it.

    Secondly, I can’t get ANY client to connect.
    (all machines I have tried are running windows 7, on the same network)
    Same deal. It will attempt to connect the first time, but if it fails and I stop it, it won’t do it again, even after restarting the software.

    any ideas?

    1. Brady

      It’s running everytime. It hides in your taskbar. If you’re using Mac check the top bar on your monitor, click the icon and hit “show” and then reclick it in the application bar. If on windows also check the taskbar on the bottom and click the icon.

      You have to configure your server before running. Set screen names on both your client and server through the preferences then in the server set up your connections in the formation you want and make sure you set the screennames the same as in the preferences for both machines. The formation needs the computers to be either above, below or to the sides of each other, no diagonals or spaces between.

  12. No

    Just went to donate, but see no way of doing so without creating an account. I won’t donate if I have to create an account and give you my email address. Why would you ever stop people from donating? I’d recommend having account creation, or in fact any database records as optional when donating.

  13. Eirc

    Can anyone provide the proper syntax to have synergy auto-start with encryption in lightdm. I have added “greeter-setup-script=/usr/bin/synergyc (Host IP)” to lightdm.conf however I do not know how to add encryption to this.

    Thank you!

  14. Krzysztof

    With the newest version I am not able to connect anymore. i dissabled encription, everything else is set as usual. I don;t even get debug messages that it tries to connect.

    Problem exists on Win – Win and Win – Mac connections.

    What is wrong with my configuration

    1. Daniel Dolinov

      Krzysztof, it wasn’t connecting for me either until I changed the setting to Desktop (Legacy) instead of Service modes. Once I did it for both the Server and Client, the connection was occurring just fine.

      Hope this helps,


  15. Ken Chiu

    Thanks for your effort. Just donated little money to u. Hope this can help u a bit. ur new office looks nice. keep going.

  16. Zillur

    Works well when both windows PC’s are unlocked. However, its only able to unlock a Windows PC from the server and not the client.

    To unlock Windows on a client you have to use the keyboard connected to the client, sort of defeats my purpose.

  17. Daniel Dolinov

    I am having a very strange problem with this version (the first one I ever used, so maybe I am missing something very obvious).

    I am running the Server on a MacBook Air, running OSX 10.8.4. I am running a client on a Dell, running Windows 8. First, I have to run both client and server under the Desktop (Legacy) mode – otherwise no connection occurs. Everything works very nicely, except when I try to copy and paste. Copy and paste simply does not work. I wasn’t sure why that was happening. The moment I turned off Synergy, everything was working fine.

    Any thoughts?



  18. mcnahum

    with the IE bug and the select bug … that last version is quite buggy … really hopping to see a fixed version soon

  19. Sean

    You guys are great! Synergy is the perfect solution for sharing my keyboard and mouse between my 2 computers. It just does exactly what I need it to do. I’m happy to support a project like this and keep wonderful programs coming from independent coders with great ideas. Keep it up!

  20. Jonathan

    None of the encryption methods work between my UNIX server (FreeBSD 8.4) and my Windows client (Win 7, 32bit) The client disconnects with “WARNING: failed to connect to server: Protocol error from server”

    Example command on UNIX server:
    /usr/local/bin/synergys –crypto-pass BatMan –crypto-mode gcm

  21. elloco054

    Thanks for Synergy !
    I’m using it on 2 PCs running Windows 8 Pro 64. All is ok, but i have a suggestion for the next release :
    Make the mouse a short pause when it will go from a PC to an other because it’s very difficult to open the Windows 8′s charm bar if it’s between two screen from two differents PC…
    For example, TeamViewer does it when you want to go out windows containing the remote Windows 8, the mouse is a little bit locked in the window and then exit the window …

  22. Mauricio Perez

    I have 2 computers running OSX. In the one that I use as server, the keyboard works perfectly, but on the client, it confuses the space bar with the letter “s” and several other little typo mistakes.
    How to fix this??

  23. Daniel


    is there a way to mirror the mouse momvement from one computer to another using synergy?

    E.g. a person uses a mouse on computer A but wants to see the same mouse movement on computer B.

  24. Svenn

    Server 1.4.12 on Debian, client 1.4.12 on win7-64. When shutting down the client, my mouse does not jump back to server. I have to log in though ssh and kill the server to get the mouse back. This was never an issue on the previous version I run which was 1.3.something.

  25. Hans Meiser

    i still can’t figure out what kind of change i need to use the ctrl alt cmd keys and apple specific keyboard layout on my linux machine
    i use ubuntu and added the apple keyboard layout to ubuntu

  26. Nicolette

    Hi everyone,
    I downloaded the 1.4.12 version and it won’t connect to the client. I get a message on the client “failed to connect to server: server refused client with our name.
    I don’t understand what they mean by “our name”. Another thing, on the server computer where it shows the IP address, it has one number and on the client computer it is showing the IP address from the server as a different number.
    I am totally confused. Can anyone help? I’d love to be able to use this program, but so far it’s a no go.

  27. Travis Bennett


    Thanks again for such a great product. However, I missed out on the portable version downloads. The old links in the comments of the first portable release are now broken.

    Any chance you could repost, or do you have a timeline for incorporating it with the normal releases?


  28. Tech Meister

    The latest beta has a lot of problems. The configuration screens for the server crash on Win7-64 and on Vista-64. It doesn’t like the computer names and seems to be unable to save the configuration without corruption.

    Better luck next time! Uninstalling without donating – if it worked it would be worth $.

  29. new website

    I really liked the new website compared to the old one.
    Is there any reason for removing it so quickly? Is it coming back soon?

  30. Mark

    I’m still having trouble with the hold down key bug. Every time I hold ctrl/alt/shift/backspace or any key longer than a few seconds the mouse jumps back from the client to the server computer. Its frustrating when using programs like Illustrator and Flash. Anyone found a way to fix this?

  31. Bob

    None of the encryption modes work between win 7 (64-bit and 32-bit) and archlinux 64-bit.

    I get
    failed to connect to server: protocol error from server

  32. Carlos

    Problems in Windows, the program works fine, but does conflict with microsoft office 2010, leaves not select text, thank for read.


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