Synergy 1.4.10 released

Next one’s here guys!

Synergy 1.4.10 has now been released. Download it now from the Synergy website.

New features:

Feature #2974 – Gesture Support for Magic Mouse/Trackpad
Feature #3172 – Button to stop Synergy when in service mode
Feature #3241 – Option to elevate synergyc/s when in service mode
Feature #3242 – Show a list of available IP addresses and screen name on the main screen
Feature #3296 – 64-bit Windows installer should display helpful message on 32-bit Windows
Feature #3300 – Make service mode default mode (now that we have elevate option)
Feature #3301 – Add process mode option to settings (remove startup wizard page)
Feature #3306 – Gatekeeper compatibility on Mac OS X 10.8

Fixed bugs:

Bug #2799 – Right shift broken (Windows server, Mac OS X client)
Bug #3302 – GUI does not show/hide when tray icon is double clicked (Windows)
Bug #3303 – Mac OS X IPC integ test fails intermittently

100 thoughts on “Synergy 1.4.10 released

  1. Ron

    Thanks for this release, because I noticed the v1.4.9 update yesterday and it broke everything for me.

    This v1.4.10 fixed it all, but there is still a new bug introduced that did not happen in v1.4.8 and that is when you load an SGC configuration file from a folder that has a space in it.

    The log then freaks out with:

    synergys.exe: unrecognized option `and’
    Try `synergys.exe –help’ for more information.

    where the ‘and’ comes from “C:/Documents and Settings/…” on this XP box. If I place the same SGC config file in root folder, it loads fine. So the parameter value has to be encapsulated again as it was done in older versions.

    Still suffering from the dual-monitors on this XP box not going into sleep mode (no matter what options/suggestions I try), so I’m hoping v1.4.10 fixes that, as the ‘Stop’ method on Synergy server is a clumbersome workaround.

      1. The Turgid One

        I’m with you, but believe it or not, a lot of corporations are still using XP…guess they didn’t want to get caught up in the very expensive upgrade games.

        one reason why there’s a MS Virtual PC app for Windows 7 with XP mode.

        1. Dan No

          Yeah, I’m with you. We have over 9000 WinXP desktops in our company and have noticed a tremendous drop in productivity when upgrading to Win7.

          Aside from the cost of upgrading and the time spent on learning new OS, users will simply not produce more pieces of paper per day or generate more $$$/hr for the company with Win7. So why change?

  2. Filipe Rezende

    hi! i love synergy! it’s great! but the “num-lock” has a bug when i use win seven with usb keyboard for server and ubunto for client. if i type any key from numpad, the numlock blink like a crazy dance house… lol…
    obs.: the key is send but like numlock disabled.
    Filipe Rezende, from Brasil.

      1. Rafael

        I have this numlock issue too, I’m using Win7 as server (desktop PC) and Ubuntu 12.10 (vaio laptop) as client. All of a sudden, numlock led starts to blink indefinitely, even when I stop connection in Ubuntu it stays blinking.

        I think it’s a different issue from that you posted.

  3. Kirk

    Bug #2799 – Right shift broken (Windows server, Mac OS X client)

    This also fixed the same issue I had on Windows 7 64 bit server with Windows XP 32 bit client. I can’t even say how awesome it is to have that fixed!

    Thank you for fixing this and for the wonderful product.

  4. Joel Jimenez


    I use Synergy with Mac OS 10.8 (server) and Windows XP (client.)

    It seems that after updating the Windows XP side to 1.4.10 (beta), my Mac mouse is no longer active on the Windows XP side when Windows pulls up the lock screen. It’s kind of weird – it will clear the screensaver to reveal the lock screen, but the mouse/keyboard are note active at that point.


    1. Nick Post author

      Does it work after around 10 seconds of waiting? The process restarts you see, so the reconnect sometimes takes a few seconds. Take a look at the server log to see what the client is doing. Also when you log back in and open the GUI, it downloads the log so you can see what happened at the login screen.

  5. Gabriel

    The ‘ key is not working between macs(I use US-International layout, if it does make a difference).

    I really would like to write the ” character using synergy.

    If possible, fix the US-International layout accentuation too, but not as important as one dead key.

    1. Nick Post author

      I’m able to press shift+2 to get the ” char on OSX. What physical keyboard are you using? Also what keyboard layouts are you using on the client and server?

      1. vibou

        Hi, I also encounter issues with dead keys. Unfortunately the shift 2 gives me a @. It would be great that keyboards are recognized the same way. In addition I have the same keyboard layout, configuration on my server than on my MacBookPro.

        Thanks for let me know if there is anything that can fix this.

  6. skimuese

    Mac OS 10.8 (client) / Mac OS 10.7 (server)

    Synergy doesn’t start client automaticly, regardless ‘Start Synergy after logging in’ and ‘Automatically start server/client’ is checked

    best regards

  7. Kent

    Hi, I am new to Synergy. I dont know why the software did not work for me. I have 1 desktop and 1 laptop. I install software to both computer. However, the server computer keep saying started server, waiting for clients; and the client said keep saying “NOTE: connecting to ‘Kent-Desktop-PC’:
    WARNING: failed to connect to server: Timed out”…..can anyone help out???

    1. Nick Post author

      2 things can cause this. Either the IP address you are connecting to is incorrect (try pinging that IP), or there is a firewall on your server that Synergy was unable to add an exception for.

      1. TBidwell

        I’m actually having this problem right now. I put in the IP address on my client computer, then put in the name and tried, which it recognized. So, I figure it is probably the Firewall…except I have tried everything from saying specifically to let it do whatever it wants (there’s the synergy, synergyc and synergyd.exe) to just plain shutting the thing off. I’ve restarted my computer at this point and gone through everything again.

  8. An0nemous

    I’m having this weird issue after updating both my Mac 10.7 and Windows 7 to 1.4.10. The Mac is the server, now I notice there’s a sporadic moment of inactivity where I can’t access the Client, then it works after a while, and goes away again … but like I said, it’s intermittent

  9. chune

    So my plan is to use an old laptop that is always running as my synergy server and hook the wireless station for the RAT 9 mouse to that, then i should be able to control all computers in the room with just the mouse. Is there any minimum processor speed you would recommend for the best performance? I have a 700 MHZ lappy with lubuntu on it, just not sure if that would cause it to lag at all.

    1. Nick Post author

      Synergy is about 10 years old, so I guess you could take any PC from around that time and use that as the minimum spec :-)

  10. Alex

    That’s great soft, thnk!
    I’ve installed it on my imac, and macbook pro. On macbook pro i have Snow Leopard. And there i have a problem with wireless apple keyboard. In russian language macbook doesn’t understand command like Shift+AnyNumber. For example, i try shift+7 and i should take “.” (dot), but insted of that i have “Б” – it “<" in eng. How can i fix this?

      1. Alex

        unfortunately it was temporrary solution ((( after some bug with network, program reconnected and problem returned ((

      2. Alex

        I’ve found out the nature of this bug! :) When i have on server ENG and on client RUS, everything on client work well. But if i have RUS on Server, and try using RUS on Client i have errors with Shift+NUMBER (Shift+7, for example) combinations. Could u fix it in future release?

  11. Risky73

    I’ve noticed bug which was not there in previous version 1.4.9. I run synergy on 2 Windows 7 32bit machines, and the problem is that on client machine when UAC question appears synergy stops working.

  12. Kevin Smith

    I love your software and I’m only having one problem. I’m running a 1.4.8 server on Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS and a 1.4.10 client on OSX 10.7.3. When synergyc is runningn on OSX, the screen saver never starts. If I start the SS by hand I can move the mouse all day on the server and the mac only wakes up when I move the mouse past the edge and one the mac screen as it should. I have my SS set to 3 minutes and it won’t start if synergyc is running. :(

  13. Shane Duffy

    When using OSX Mountain Lion as the server and Windows 7 64bit as the client.

    In OSX if display mirroring is turned on then you cannot go out to a computer on the RIGHT side of the main server screen. However if the client is configured to the LEFT of the server it works fine. So when trying to go RIGHT with display mirroring on the mouse stops at the right edge.

    With display Mirroring off it works as normal.

  14. Tony

    Using Windows XP 32bit, and the “Automatically start Server/Client” is not working. Everytime I restart is defaults back to only “Hide when Server/Client Starts” is checked.

  15. James Brooks

    When will the mouse sensitivity be fixed, as I struggle to aim my cursor around the client with a bigger screen than my server?

    Also, how do I get a # from OSX (server) to Windows?

  16. Steve

    Hi Folks, Firstly great piece of software I’ve used this for ages
    One thing that doesn’t seem to work and breaks synergy is when moving from a source PC to a destination PC which is running Windows 8 pc where the mouse is moved to control a VM running inside native Hyper-v on the windows 8 client

    Not sure hot to fix that other than running synergy on the guest inside of the windows 8 client.

    Just thought I’d bring it to your attention..

    Great work all


  17. James

    I just downloaded this today and I am loving it so far. However, I did run into an issue that I’m hoping will be simplified in a later version. I would love to see Ethernet cable support being a little easier. It could just be me, but this is considerably difficult.

    I personally am not a programmer, so I wouldn’t know how to fix something like this, so I will just thank you for providing an extremely unique piece of software. Definitely one of my favorite tweaks on my computers.

  18. Shawn

    When I use Windows 7 as server and Mac os X 10.6.8 as client, it works well. However, when I used them reversely. it doesn’t work. I configure the server and try to start the server on Mac os X, it pops an error with message as “Synergy terminated unexpectedly with an exit code 1. Please see the log output for details.”

    The logs as below:
    NOTE: starting server
    NOTE: config file: /var/folders/7f/7foMLy27EMaQQjpliLVLz+++1ek/-Tmp-/qt_temp.ts2758
    NOTE: log level: NOTE
    FATAL: Init failed: system setting not enabled: “Enable access for assistive devices”
    Try `synergys –help’ for more information.
    NOTE: stopping synergy desktop process

          1. Alex

            Its no more called as Universal Access its called as the Accessibility under system preferences. With a Blue Icon symbol. (Os X 10.8.3)

  19. Dan Delaney

    Hi. Thanks for all your work making a new version of Synergy. I’ve been using 1.3 for years, and it’s great to see someone is updating it again.

    I just tried 1.4.10 (Ubuntu server, Mac 10.8 client). One immediate thing I’ve noticed is that the ALT key doesn’t seem to work. I have ALT and META switched for the Mac client so that the actual ALT key on the PC keyboard sends the Mac CMD key. But when I hit ALT-8 (for example) to get a bullet, or ALT-E to get an accent, nothing happens. Is there something in the config I need to fix?

    Also, as a side note just to make sure you’re aware of it, on the Mac client app, under “Advanced” the field label for “Port” reads “P&ort” :-)


  20. henry2k

    Great Update, i was using Server 1.4.5 and the missing right-shift was annoying, now its working.

    I hope the Screensaver will now work on Server (Win7), because on Client (XP) it was working but not on the Server (on my old XP-Server it was working when i removed the “Syncronize Screensavers”-Checkbox but not on 7)…

    btw im still using 1.3.1 on the XP-Client and no problems so far… nice to have something thats so backwards-compatible nowadays! :D

    1. Nick Post author

      If you mean the pressure sensitivity doesn’t work on client, please vote for issue #2999 using Synergy Premium. However, if it’s just plain not working, try switching from relative to absolute in the Wacom settings.

  21. Joel Saldana


    I have the 1.4.10 version on 2 computers, and it works great while both computers are just starting up, but after windows loads all the services synergy stops the connection saying it doesnt detect the server (or the client), i have given access to synergy on the firewall and problem persist, both computers have windows 7 32 bits

    Any help would be great

          1. unnicked

            Thanks for the info, but I still will avoid to create a single-access-account. I just wanted to help.

            The synergy service works great for me after a simple patch of the synergyd.exe binary, even though the signature is not valid anymore. Therefore the bug is not my problem.

  22. Alexander

    Hello, thanks for the Update… but why sometimes my Mac Keyboard being indentified as english keyboard on Ubuntu while I have Ubuntu and OS X in Italian? :( I can’t use it for programming :-/ Is this a Bug? The Ubuntu PC is a Netbook with configured included Keyboard setted up as Italian language.

  23. Leo

    I posted this in the 1.4.9 blog by accident. I am using 1.4.10

    I am having some slight keyboard issues. Running synergy on main box as server with Toshiba Laptop and Macbook Pro as clients.

    Keyboard is slow to respond initially after being left alone (ie if i dont type for a few mins, it takes several seconds after first click to register)

    All three computers are hardwired through a Dlink Router. Is there perhaps a way to dedicate the synergy port?

    This issue seems to happen more when i am in different user accounts on the Toshiba Laptop.

  24. Soonerdude

    I am running 1.4.10 on mac 10.8 (client) and 1.4.10 on XP (server). I noticed that I have lost the cut and paste feature between the two computers. Is this a known bug? I know when using 1.3.8 betweens XP machines, I can cut and paste between machines. Does 1.4.10 beta allow cut and paste between computers? Any help appreciated! Thanks.

  25. Fuxy

    Here’s the scenario:
    I’m running a synergy server on a windows 7 box and a synergy client on a ubuntu 12.04 box.
    When i go into the terminal and ssh to my ubuntu 12.04 server and i attach to a socket running rtorrent with the command:
    dtach -a ~/rtorrent

    I can’t detach because the default key combination Ctrl + \ is reported as Ctrl + – by Synergy.

    The fix is easy. remap the detach key combination to something else however it would be awesome if i didn’t have to.

    1. Fuxy

      P.S. I’m SSH-ing from my ubuntu desktop to my ubuntu server if that isn’t ovious.
      Also the added complxity if SSH-ing isn’t needed to reproduce the bug but i vanted to be accurate.
      You can reproduce it by just opening a terminal window and pressing Ctrl + \ the text and the windows shrinks as if you were to press Ctrl + -.
      P.P.S my keyboard is EN_UK.

  26. KidKarolus

    So, I am trying to use my MacBook Pro as a server and my PC as a client. When I use my Mac as a client, Synergy works flawlessly. However, when I try to use my Mac as a server, my PC searches endlessly for the server. I have enabled access for assistive devices, and made firewall exceptions for all Synergy processes. After hours of research, I am still unable to get my PC to recognize my Mac as a server. What can I do to fix this?

  27. TDK

    just installed new release onto 2 windows 8 machines, all good, until i open a command window, such as task manager, then i lose the connection on that machine, very strange
    once that window has been closed, everything works again

  28. remd


    I installed 1.4.10 server on Ubuntu 12.10 and 1.4.10 client on Mac 10.8.2, and I keep getting a “failed to connect to server: incompatible client 1.3″ error and I’m not able to use synergy.

    The server seems to run normally, no error at start, the process it running and listening on port 24800..

    Any advice ?

    1. Nick Post author

      It looks like you’re running an older version of Synergy in the background. Please check your process list and/or uninstall any old versions before installing 1.4.10.

      1. remd

        Thanks for your reply. I had apt-get and older version, then apt-deleted it, and installed 1.4.10 but I still had that issue..

        I have now restarted the computer I use as server and it is working now :) 

  29. MEDAKA

    Windows XP -> Mac (10.8.5/10.7.5)
    The problem has cropped up in this case.
    Although a mouse is satisfactory and it is operating, a keyboard does not function at all.

    Windows XP -> Windows XP
    This case does not have a problem.
    The keyboard by the side of a server is Japanese106key.
    The client of Mac was SynergyKM before.
    This has no problem.

  30. Ivars

    Sadly, dead keys don’t work with 1.4.10. Running 1.4.10 server on Ubuntu and 1.4.10 beta client on Mac.
    It used to work before although not very reliable anyway.
    Can you make it work again, please?
    Interestingly, I can get international characters using ALT key, but that’s grossly inconvenient. Synergy is all about convenience, isn’t it? :)

  31. Eric W

    I realize your software does far more than this, but it is doing the job or sharing a clipboard well. Thank you. I also experienced a problem between a server running 1.4.10 and client running 1.3.8 prior to updating to 1.4.10 on the client.

  32. syner-marr

    just making a note here about my experience in case anyone else has the same problems:

    I have been using synergy 1.4.8 since it came out. Windows7 64bit as server and Ubuntu 11.04–>12.04 32bit as client. love it! rock solid for my purposes!

    I built a new Ubuntu 12.10 client machine and decided to upgrade to 1.4.10.

    I couldn’t get 1.4.10 to work – logging showed everything was fine (no errors) but I could not switch screens off the win7 server to the Ubuntu client. I found many posts talking about the ScrLk key. This key had no affect for me on either machine. at one point I did get mouse to change screens but it only worked if I put a window on the server across the edge of the screen that would lead over to the Ubuntu client. thinking I might be able to live with that, I couldn’t get even that working again after reboot/service restart.

    so i went back to 1.4.8 using the same win7 server but on a new Ubuntu 12.10 client machine and everything works great again!

    when i get some time, I’ll give 1.4.9 a shot but as of now, 1.4.10 is a no-go for me.

  33. kendray

    I am running a win 7 x64 bit dual monitor as my server using the 64 bit software my other machine is a macbook pro running osx10.6.8 on a monitor to the left ( which works fine using synergy) my final machine is a xp x86 hooked to a monitor on the left of the win 7, well I cannot get synergy to work it keeps failing connection I’ve tried both 32 bit and 64 bit on the win 7 machine and it just isnt working but both work on the osx is there a work around for this, and also is there an area where we can show our setups

  34. alex

    1.4.10 the configure ui cannot show in osx 10.8.2 ,i can’t use config synergy in my mac, terrible. in win7 ,synergy get error “could not launch (error 2)”. I try to get old version.

  35. Tim

    Anybody else experienced an issue when if running Synergy 1.4.10 Server on Win7 x64 and Synergy 1.4.10 Client on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion the systems will connect but the keyboard and mouse will not switch from the Windows machine to the Mac no matter the system placement (right, left, up, down)?

    I have been able to make it work by creating hotkeys to switch between systems, and the reverse of this setup works perfectly (Synergy 1.4.10 Server on Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion and Synergy 1.4.10 Client on Win7 x64).

    I’ve been searching on a fix for days and have come up empty, so any suggestions or recommendations (aside from using my Mac as the Server or using Hotkeys) would be greatly appreciated.

  36. Anh Binh Tran

    I’m working with 2 computer: 1 Windows 7 PC(Professional 64-bit), and 1 Macmini(Lion 10.7.5), so Synergy is very userful for my Job. I can use 2 computer with only one mouse and one keyboard.
    But it is so lag sometime, the client one (MacMini) does not receive the movement of mouse and keyboard typing from the server one (Windows 7) or very slow.
    I have tried some another version,but nothing better. Can you tell what the problem is? Thanks!
    My scenario:
    Server: Windows 7 Profressional x64
    Client: OSX Lion 10.7.5
    Network: LAN WiFi

  37. Mark

    I had the “synergy service won’t start” issue on a Windows 7 x64 client where you get the ipc connection error. So, after uninstalling/reinstalling, sc delete synergy, manual registry deletes of everything synergy related, trying 32 bit version, pulling out some hair, messing with starting the synergy service (interact with desktop already selected) and having it just stop, comparing settings with two other working systems…. I finally just selected Process mode: Desktop (legacy) instead of service and it started right up. I manually started it anyway (1.3.x) on this well-used system so no biggie now that it works. Hope this helps someone.

  38. Duncan


    Great program, used it on and off for years.

    Having an issue with 1.4.10, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt. The ‘server’ says the client is connected, both firewalls allow Synergy, but the mouse won’t move from one screen to the other. Tried restarting Synergy, the Synergy service and the PC’s, sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. 2x Win7 x64 machines, sometimes a 3rd when I’m using my work laptop as well.

    Also, sometimes the mouse/keyboard gets ‘stuck’ on another screen.

    Any thoughts/ideas? Any tracing I can do to help you?

    Kind regards,

  39. Brad Culp

    Love this program. I’ve got 4 computers on my desk (2 running Mac (1 PPC 1 Intel), 1 running Windows, and 1 running Linux) and have always hated that 4 computers = 4 mice + 4 keyboards. Cleared up a lot of desk space.


  40. Greywolf

    Hey, LOVE synergy; however, 1.4.10 broke something for me:

    Server: Linux (Fedora 16, 17, 18), running WindowMaker as a DTE [don't berate me for this].

    Client: Windows 7 Enterprise

    Both are running Synergy 1.4.10.

    Copy to X-clipboard (click-drag) on Linux will copy to clipboard on Windows.
    Copy to Clipboard (select, then ctrl-C) on Linux will copy to clipboard on Windows.
    Copy to Clipboard on Windows doesn’t affect EITHER clipboard on Linux.

    What is going on/wrong here, and how do I fix this?

  41. Ed

    Loved it on first install, but on the server pc got the dreaded “could not connect to server, “CPX” or something like that.

    Removed it on the server, reinstalled and everything worked great.

    Turned off the synergy from the systray, and it would still transition the mouse cursor onto the client.

    It stays persistent until I remove the program from the task manager. Not good. When it closes, I want it closed. I don’t want programs persisting in the background.

    On the client side, once the server was uninstalled, the client continued to ‘ping’ for the server by the requests it continually made to the firewall.

    Disappointed. Wanted to like this. I read your blog and was ready to donate, but it should just work at a basic level and be simple as a quick alternative to using a KVM switch. This basic level feature should work right now.

    All the drag and drop issues and cut and paste are not issues for me. I use shared folders for that. I can accept bugs for that since there are many issues with operating on multiple platforms.
    All I wanted was an alternative to remote desktop connection.

    If I need synergy I’ll install as needed, but it’s not something that I can use on a regular basis.

    2 xp sp3 computers.

  42. Rick Stehno

    will synergy work in my environment? i have 2 macs each running mountain lion sharing 1 large monitor (auto sense which mac i am using) and each mac has its own usb keyboard and wireless trackpad. it would be great if synergy would allow both macs to share the 1 usb keyboard and trackpad between between the macs and would also provide the interrupt of auto switching the monitor to the active mac. right now, if i start screen saver on the active mac, all i have to do is hit the trackpad on the dormant mac and the screen switches.
    thanks for your help

  43. Anonymous

    Last night the configuration was setup, working, and no bugs. I get up and turn the laptop on (client) and it doesn’t work anymore. Hopefully it’s just a glitch/bug but I will try my method of most things :D

    Uninstall both synergy applications, clear any temp files, and synergy registry changes (if any) and reinstall.

    1. Nick Post author

      Try checking your log. It could be any number of things; your IP address may have changed, some sort of network/WiFi error, etc.

  44. theresa

    hi there,

    I’m having problems with the tilde (~) key…i’m using a german keyboard layout, and the tilde key should be mapped with the following key-combination (alt gr + +) but alas it’s mapped as a blank key (space bar).

    on the physical keyboard that’s connected to the workstation it’s working (so I can’t actually blame the OS), it’s only not working on the synergy keyboard.

    I’m using:
    Client: Synergy 1.4.10 (Fedora Core 18 release)
    Server: Win XP 1.4.11

    Has anyone else made the same experience, or can anyone please recommend me something?
    I’d love to fix this!

    many thanks in advance,


  45. Doukali

    hello am a new synergy user ,
    I am running 1.4.12 on mac 10.7 (client) and 1.4.12 on XP 64 Bit (server).
    and when i start Synergy on my Mac i have this message :

    “Synergy terminated unexpectedly with an exit code of 1.
    Please see the log output for details”

    I can’t do any thing ,i didn’t understand what’s the meaning of this message

    Any help appreciated! Thanks. please

    1. Archangel

      I think I was getting a similar error. What I tried was:

      1) Remove any dashes or hyphens from the computer hostnames
      2) Install the same version of synergy on both the computers
      3) Make sure the IP addresses are correct
      4) Make sure the encryption type and passwords are same on all the computers

      Hope that helps


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